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  • Financial Planning

  • Did you know...Having a fiduciary responsibility holds our firm to the highest standard in the industry.
    In plain language, “fiduciary” means we act in your best interest; every decision we make is for your benefit.

  • Did you know that different advisors are held to different standards? Only advisors who have a Series 65 license have a legal, fiduciary responsibility to act in their client's best interests. Other advisors are held to the significantly lower standard known as the “suitability” standard, meaning that as long as they do what is deemed “suitable,” they are fully within their legal rights to act in their best interest and their company’s best interest before those of their clients.

    Financial Planning Consultants of Northern Michigan Investment Advisors Representatives (IAR's) are bound by the fiduciary standard, a fiduciary duty. This means we always provide advice and recommend investments that we view as being in your best interest.

    We are also required to provide upfront disclosures about: our qualifications, what services we provide, how we are compensated, possible conflicts of interest and whether we have any record of disciplinary actions against us.

    For more information on Financial Planning Consultants of Northern Michigan's fiduciary responsibilities, or to schedule a FREE, no obligation consultation, contact us.

  • Commitment

    As a local investment firm, we're committed to your long-term financial success. Through a disciplined investing approach using our timeless philosophy with today's financial strategies. Those strategies focus on accumulation, distribution, and wealth transfer through legacy planning.

  • Goal-Oriented

    Recommendations for your financial well-being are made solely in the interest of providing a return on your investment. Our mission is to benefit each of our clients by helping them to reach their goals and objectives. It's a goal-oriented approach that has made us a leader within the financial services market.

  • Experience & Knowledge

    With over 30 years of experience, knowledge and dedication to serving the needs of retirees - we're the perfect planners for your situation. We utilize proven planning and investment techniques to design your personal plan. Our focus is always to preserve and grow your wealth.

  • Comprehensive Consulting Services

    • Financial Planning
    • Social Security Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Long Term Care Needs
    • Asset Accumulation
    • Allocation and
    • Protection
  • Future Planning

    If information about planning for your future is important, Click Here to see our upcoming seminars in your area!